Medi-Cal – Planning & Application to Estate Recovery

Medi-Cal Estate Recovery and Medi-Cal Planning and Application

Medi-Cal Planning & Application

Medi-Cal is a needs-based medical insurance program in the state of California known as Medicaid in other states. It is based on disability and financial needs. The State program is administered by the California Department of Social Services. We assist our clients in gaining eligibility for Medi-Cal long-term care (for those who require skilled nursing care) as well as Medi-Cal for those who are residing in their own homes.

To gain eligibility for Long Term Care Medi-Cal, an applicant must meet two eligibility requirements: categorical and resource. Although income is not considered in determining eligibility in the State of California, it can affect the applicant’s share of cost, similar to an insurance co-payment. There are many regulations regarding assets that are counted (countable) and those that are not (exempt or non-countable). There are also many regulations regarding the assets that a spouse who remains in the home may keep. We can work with you to help you better understand whether your loved one meets the categorical and financial criteria for Medi-Cal long term care eligibility and what can be done to meet the requirements to become eligible for benefits. We will provide you with the information required to reallocate and preserve assets so as to gain Medi-Cal eligibility.

Medi-Cal Estate Recovery

Many clients are under the misconception that Medi-Cal benefits are similar to any other insurance program. However, what you may not realize is that after a Medi-Cal beneficiary passes away, the State of California is entitled to repayment for the benefits paid during the life of the beneficiary also known as estate recovery. We have extensive and highly successful experience in assisting our clients in minimizing and avoiding claims against the estates of Medi-Cal beneficiaries. It is critical that beneficiaries and their families discuss the regulations regarding estate recovery during the life the beneficiary to explore the ramifications of actions taken or not taken while their loved one is receiving Medi-Cal benefits.

FAQ’s about Medi-Cal

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